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  • TimeWaver Professional is a medical, bioenergetic, diagnostic and therapeutic device. It was developed by the German scientist and professor Markus Schmieke and is used all over the world.
  • It works on principles derived from the findings of quantum physics.
  • It can identify and analyse the causes of various disorders, compare the information with the expected values listed in a comprehensive database and, based on the results, support the harmonization and recovery of the organism.
  • We approach the specific problems of each patient in a holistic way – i.e. we are interested in both the organ, as well as the emotional and mental level, and we bring all the components back into balance.
  • Working with TimeWaver Professional also allows us to detect suppressed events that can sometimes be the root cause of serious problems and losses. The aim of our work is to discover and become aware of a variety of different contexts and connections.
  • TW significantly contributes to the consolidation of all levels of one’s personality.


This unique method is only accepted by some experts in classical medicine. Science and conventional medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields – the basis of functioning of this device. The reason is the lack of scientific evidence that would be accepted by mainstream medicine. Examination with the TimeWaver Professional is based on the knowledge that a person’s potential usually remains largely underutilized. This method’s positive influence on the organism contributes to better quality of life. The effectiveness of the method is based on experience and unofficial reports from practice.


Marie Stefanova MD, 2020

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