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How do we measure with the FSCAN4 device?

All necessary information is read using two electrodes that the patient holds in his hands. The actual measurement is preceded by an individual consultation.

When are FSCAN4 measurements and Ravo Rife Zapper not recommended?

If skin continuity and integrity is impaired (e.g. with an open wound on the palm), if acute dermal or subcutaneous inflammation is present in the palms (this does not apply to predefined programs from a plasma generator or RaMaLoop), and in cases of severe kidney or liver disorders, severe psychiatric illness or epilepsy. Furthermore, if metal parts are present in the body (for example, a pacemaker or defibrillator, a total joint prosthesis, stents or surgical staples). Also during pregnancy, as in this case the method has not been studied at all.

Are there any side effects?

Exceptionally, the penetration of frequencies through the palm is perceived as unpleasant. In particularly sensitive individuals or with long-term insufficient fluid intake, transient detoxification symptoms (accumulation of ballast substances in the body, transient manifestations reminding of viral disease) may be observed, which may be seen as the evidence of a positive response of the body that has started its cleansing and regeneration. It is recommended to increase fluid intake to 3.5 dcl / 10 kg of body weight, to rest and to consult a therapist.

Are there possible limitations in daily life?

They are not any we know of.

Are there any risks?

Taking into account the contraindications, they are not any we would know of.

How does it happen that the pathogens enter our bodies easily?

They get inside through microscopic cracks in the intestine (this is most often the case of the leaky gut syndrome) or as a result of long-term stress. Besides, it can happen when our microbiome, i.e. the set of microorganisms and their genes inside and on the surface of our body, is disrupted by toxic substances: by heavy metals, aromatic hydrocarbons or pathogenic microbes, or by poorly digested fats, sugars and proteins (i.e. due to fermentation and putrefaction processes in the intestine). Furthermore, insufficient supply of fluids or insufficient hygiene during normal daily activities may be the cause. Pathogens then enter the blood or lymphatic system and subsequently the organs – the liver and kidneys, immune tissues, heart, lungs, bronchial tubes, skin or adipose tissue – where the body is not able to fully cope with the pathogens.

What can cause the pathogen attack on the body, what can influence it?

  1. Individual sensitivity of the person (state of his immunity, genetic factors, age, nutrition, current other chronic diseases, mental resilience of the individual and the quality of their microbiome).
  2. Furthermore, the source of infection (from humans, from animals, from the external environment – uncleaned air conditioning, dusty or humid environment).
  3. Type of direct transmission – it may be insufficient hygiene before/after touching, kissing, having sex, biting, scratching or airborne transmission. Perinatal transmission – through the birth canal, e.g. in some types of streptococci.
  4. Type of indirect transmission – a contaminated object can be a door handle, a toilet seat, a handrail in public transport, money, tools used for unprofessional piercings and other body decorations, an infected needle used by addicts or an object in a hotel room.
  5. Transmission can also occur via air or wind – be it indoors (in cinemas, public halls) or outdoors (air in the city); or through water, e.g. when swimming in a pond (cyanobacteria, algae).
  6. Through food: common sources are meat, milk, eggs or meat products. When preparing food, the attack can come via cross-contamination: for example, slicing heat-treated meat on a cutting board where vegetables brought directly from the flowerbed had been cleaned, leaving leftover soil with soil bacteria; or, conversely, slicing vegetables on an insufficiently washed cutting board where raw meat had been processed. The preparation of cold meals without sufficient hand hygiene is also risky.
  7. Through carriers such as mosquitoes, flies or ticks. The direct cause can be a bite or a mechanical transmission, where the carrier touches food.

What are “friendly” and “hostile” microorganisms?

It must be said that some microorganisms, such as certain types of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, live in a certain balance with our microbiome – and we need them because they are very beneficial to our health.

But others, such as herpes viruses, adenoviruses, fungi, and parasites (such as roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, or flukes) do not “behave”. They deprive us of nutrients from the food and our body then gets generally depleted and withers away.

What else is harmful to us while we can find it everywhere?

It is for example aflatoxin – a very toxic mycotoxin that thrives in humid and warm environments such as plastic food packaging. This poison significantly weakens our immunity and is found, for example, in various nuts, seeds, cereals, bread or bakery products, in pasta, juices, broken (fallen) or overripe fruits and vegetables. Its presence may or may not be recognized in food. It has been shown in animals, and experts in classical medicine confirm this, that due to its exceptional toxicity, it significantly contributes to the development of cancer in humans. It can affect the whole organism, especially the liver of previously weakened individuals.

What is the difference between frequency medicine and evidence-based medicine?

  • Evidence-based medicine measures and evaluates mainly structural changes in biological material: it examines tissue, blood, serum, urine, findings on sonography, X-rays, MRI, CT and the like. However, this can only be considered as the “tip of the iceberg”, because a subtle imbalance in functional problems very often does not show at all in the results of routine tests. This is due to the fact that our organism constantly balances it, which, however, happens at the cost of a disproportionate burden on the whole organism. Functional problems (chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, fatigue) – these are situations where your laboratory results and conclusions of examination methods do not show any anomaly, but our body is still in a state of significant overload and there are problems that reduce the quality of your life.
  • In frequency medicine, we measure the frequencies of pathogens (number of oscillations per minute) – these are functional changes – “what is below sea level”, that is, the cause. So, the malady exists, but it is not yet possible to measure it using the methods of classical medicine. This is an alternative, eliminating the causes of disease, not just symptoms. The two approaches cannot be compared. These are basically two different aspects of looking at the diagnosis and health of an individual, which can be combined.
  • Furthermore, let us also admit that what only they themselves know may be of great importance to individuals. This may even defy scientific knowledge, but corresponds to the awareness and life experience of the individual: it represents unique information.
  • We want to live a life that is worthwhile, with more peace, relaxation, foresight and trust. If that is the case, Integrative Medicine is here for us and it of course includes, among other things, the concept of Dr. Hulda Clark.
  • These devices – FSCAN4, RaMaLoop, Zapper and plasma generator are used all over the world. They are certainly not a panacea, but they are another important option among the many methods of alternative medicine.
  • In our practice, we have experienced many cases when this method helped, while classical medicine had been powerless for a long time. It removed functional difficulties and alleviated suffering and pain with a consequent improvement in quality of life, which was incomprehensible from the point of view of classical medicine.
  • The effectiveness of the concept by Dr. Hulda Clark is based on experience and unofficial reports from practice.

What devices are used to harmonize the body?

  1. Super Ravo Zapper – a laboratory experimental device – a generator of precise oscillations of a rectangular shape that cause the disintegration of pathogens. Zapper works on the principle of feedback. In this case, the biofrequency currents are applied by contact through the skin, when a person touches two cylindrical hand electrodes (plus possibly one foot electrode).
  2. Plasma Generator RPZ 14 – using a tube filled with noble gases under precise pressure, this plasma generator emits electromagnetic pulses of a certain shape and intensity into its surroundings (X-rays and other rays are not emitted by this device). There is a mutual bioresonance of frequencies transmitted from the device and microorganisms in the body. After a certain time, they are selectively removed from the body by the organism itself, i.e. the body helps itself. In this case, the application is contactless.
  3. RaMaLoop – is a revolutionary innovative experimental device that has a similar function as a plasma generator. It acts as an additional device to the Zapper and causes contactless elimination of pathogens on the principle of the frequency method. It generates a pulsed alternating magnetic field around its frame coil (“antenna”).


Paramecium caudatum – How the frequencies work?

During application of sine wave frequencies, Paramecium caudatum changes from an active and free-moving cell to an inactive one, dissolves and disappears.
We can see in the video that during this process, the cell membrane begins to stretch until it ruptures. The contents of the cell spill into the tissue, activating certain types of white blood cells. These incorporate the residual material by creating substances of a proteinaceous nature or new antibodies that the body currently needs for its immunity. In this way, the organism naturally helps itself.


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