TimeWaver Pro – Cardio Module

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TimeWaver Professional Cardio Module (HRV – Heart Rate Variability)

  1. This method monitors 14 specific parameters to give us information on how much you are able to adapt to stress. It measures the function of the nervous and immune systems, hormone levels and heart function.
  2. It is used to detect both recent and long-term stress factors.
  3. It can detect possible cardiovascular problems – in time.
  4. The obtained data will alert us to a possible imbalance in the body and lead us to the appropriate way to re-establish it. In the treatment, we use natural means and methods and make use of the regenerative potential of the organism.

This unique method is only accepted by some experts in classical medicine.


Science and conventional medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields – the basis of functioning of this device. The reason is the lack of scientific evidence that would be accepted by mainstream medicine. Examination with the Cardio Module is based on the knowledge that a person’s potential usually remains largely underutilized. This method’s positive influence on the organism contributes to better quality of life. The effectiveness of the method is based on experience and unofficial reports from practice.


Dr. Folker Meissner (Bratislava): workshops (2017, 2018, and 2019)

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