Psychotherapy (ENGLISH)

Short-term individual psychotherapy focuses on helping clients to get oriented in specific difficult life situations as well as finding solutions to ongoing problems.

During the long-term individual psychotherapy, we focus with the client on a deeper analysis of his or her particular life situations and “deciphering the puzzle of life” that blocks one from “free breathing”. This cooperation is based on the professional relationship between the therapist and the client, enabling the client to come to important realizations and necessary changes.

Situations in which psychotherapy can help include:

  • stress, frustration, anxiety, depression
  • sleep disorders, ineffectiveness, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • lack of self-confidence
  • light or chronic physical pain
  • occupational burnout, midlife crisis, the “empty nest” crisis
  • occupational problems: feelings of not being satisfied with one’s job, of a failure or lack of self-fulfilment
  • job interview preparation: building self-awareness, personal growth, finding one’s potential and motivation
  • relationship, partnership and occupational difficulties
  • psychical exhaustion when taking care of a long-term sick person
  • readapting after a long-term stay abroad


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